What does E-waste mean?

  • E-waste means electrical and electronic waste equipments, whole or in part that are not fit for their original intended use and are destined for refurbishment, dismantling, recycling or disposal; it also includes scrap rejects from the manufacturing process of electrical and electronic equipments.

What are the objectives of the policy?

  • The objectives of the E-waste Rules is to put in place an effective mechanism to regulate the generation, collection, storage, transport, import, export, (environmentally sound) recycling, treatment and disposal of E-wastes thereby reducing to a minimum those destined for final disposal.

What is the responsibility of Re-Teck under these new regulations?

  • Re-Teck offers to sell imported electrical and electronic equipment and is therefore identified as 'producer' who has to take responsibility for the collection of E-waste produced while manufacturing or after use in the end-of-life.
  • Also, Re-Teck is a 'bulk user' of electrical and electronic equipments and has to ensure that the E-waste generated is channelized to authorized collection centers or is returned to the pick up or take back services provided by the producers. It also has to maintain records of E-waste generated.

What does this mean to Re-Teck on a day-to-day basis?

As 'producer', Re-Teck takes ownership for:
  • Collection and channelization of E-waste generated in the manufacture and 'end of life' of the product
  • Establishment of collection centers and take-back system collectively or individually, for end of life equipment
  • Providing financial assistance for registered re-cyclers and setting up a system for the collection and channelization of E-waste
  • Creating all-round awareness through publications & information dissemination
  • Obtaining authorization from SPCB/CC
  • Maintaining records & filing annual returns
As 'bulk consumer' Re-Teck will
  • Ensure that used equipments (E-waste) which are not fit for the intended use are deposited with the dealer or authorized collection Centers in order to be sent to a registered recycler
  • Organize its own collection centers / agencies and warehouses to collect and store E-waste.
  • Ensure that the E-waste thus collected is channelized through the take-back scheme to the manufacturer or sent to registered recyclers

How can Re-Teck add value in this process?

  • Re-Teck will communicate to vendors from whom it imports the goods and the channel partner about the regulatory requirements.
  • Re-Teck will coordinate with vendors to collect the End of Life products arisen from imported goods from the customers
  • Re-Teck will make arrangements for the handing of all the E-wastes generated/collected to the authorised recyclers.

Will Customers need to pay any consideration for recycling the discarded goods?

  • Re-Teck , as a step towards creating a greener environment, will do this channelization of E-wastes voluntarily. It will not charge the customers for recycling the discarded goods. Also, Re-Teck will not pay any consideration to the customers / channel partners for returning back the discarded goods.